Rapidly emerging moa moa take their sound to kaleidoscopic new heights on ‘Drive’

The track is the first single release from their debut EP.

The track is the latest in a stream of initial successes for the exciting outfit

moa moa have immediately established themselves as a fresh and exciting name in UK music, and every coming release seems to continue to hammer that sentiment home.

Latest release ‘Drive’ is a fun piece of kaleidoscopic psychedelic pop, cementing their wholly unique, swirling sound. From its glitchy synths to its increasingly prevalent moments of melody and catchiness, moa moa are somehow finding ways to become catchier and poppy as their sound grows weirder and more distinctive.

On Drive, moa moa’s James Ratcliffe says, “It’s a playful take on my apathy towards the idea that the world was suddenly going to be flipped on its head because we’d all sat around in our houses for a year. “