‘Early Hours of the AM’ is a new sad banger from rising UK alt-pop artist Beren Olivia

The track is from the artist's new debut EP of the same name

The track is from the artist’s new debut EP of the same name

Over the last year or so Beren Olivia has been cementing her status as one of the most exciting rising artists in the UK. Her winning brand of alt-pop provides a perfect showcase for her engaging vocals and immaculately polished sound, providing a slew of memorable and often cathartic tracks.

Latest release ‘Early Hours of the AM’ is from the artist’s new EP of the same now and continues to demonstrate the immense potential that the artist possesses. From its effortless catchiness to the heartfelt, rousing lyrics and impassioned vocal performance from the artist, ‘Early Hours of the AM’ is just one of a conveyer-belt of reminders that Beren Olivia is an artist to be excited and invested in.

“The song Early Hours of the AM is a sad dance floor banger.” Beren says. “It’s that moment post-break up, where you’re kind of relishing how much of a mess you are. You’ve been out with your friends, putting a brave face and a show on for social media. Then before you know it, you’re at home sitting on the kitchen floor, ugly crying, eating Domino’s with your makeup running down your face.”