‘More Than a Metaphor’ is an emotionally charged and engrossing new single from Beth De Bacci

The track is from the artist's stellar new EP of the same name

The track is from the artist’s stellar new EP of the same name

Over the last half a decade, Beth De Bacci has been establishing and refining a poignant alternative pop sound that is packed full of distinctive charm and memorable appeal.

The artist’s latest single ‘More Than a Metaphor’, the title track from her latest EP, is a really engrossing showcase of everything that makes the artist feel so alluring, melding haunting melodies with her endlessly thoughtful lyrics to create an atmospheric and compelling ballad that is saturated full of emotion and raw power. Narratively, the track explores the frustrating and relatable feeling of attempting to change a narcissist and make them aware of the impact that they have on others, leading to a bittersweet sense of acceptance of how futile the whole situation is.