‘Do You Like Me Now?’ is an intense new alt-metal collaboration from Cinnamon Babe and Love Ghost

The track feels as venomous and frenzied as anything you're likely to hear soon

The track feels as venomous and frenzied as anything you’re likely to hear soon

On their fierce and explosive new alternative metal collaboration ‘Do You Like Me Now?’, Cinnamon Babe and Love Ghost team up and leave a dramatic and impactful message to their haters and anybody who has doubted them or looked to take them out of the picture.

The track has a visceral and intense feel to it throughout, from the sludgy bass that opens things up to the crashing riffs and rhythms that attack at full force once it kicks in. ‘Do You Like Me Now’ hits like a punch to the gut and never relents on its aural assault throughout its duration, with both of the vocalists bringing the kind of frenetic, manic energy that the sound and its narrative demands. The release is packed full of venom and infectious grooves, and makes for a truly exciting and memorable addition to modern metal.