EP Review: Hearts – EP2

Hearts continue to showcase their attitude-filled guitar rock charm on the dynamic and exciting new EP2

Comprising of members of Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Bongo Club, and Bottlecap, rising Swedish/UK indie rock outfit Hearts have had something of a statement first year, touring extensively and showcasing a work ethic and guitar-first appeal that feels authentic and exciting musically, culminating in the recent release of their second EP, given the no-frills title EP2.

The collection of tracks opens with the instantly captivating ‘In Over Our Heads’, a synthy and melodic slice of indie rock that packs a powerful punch, thanks both to its catchy allure and powerful dynamism and emphatic feel. The track does exactly what it sets out to do, and it’s easy to picture it getting people roused up and moving in the live settings that the band adore so much.

The swaggering ‘What Do You Want Kid?’ follows, a track that keeps up the energetic pace of their sound while having a bit more of a cocksure and personality-driven approach, featuring the same kind of bravado and fun charm that the heavier work of bands like Oasis would often come with, while never falling into the shadow of anybody else or losing the distinctive charm of Hearts. The band’s sound really does evoke the spirit of the golden age of guitar music and the cool factor that is associated with it, while giving it a more modern coat and not feeling bogged down by the past.

Things slow down a little on ‘Sideways’, while never losing the hard-hitting and anthemic feel that these tracks possess. Every single track on this collection is one that feels tailor made for big stages and fervent crowds, packed full of thumping dynamism and anthemic tendencies while all having their own distinctive feel and charm, and this track’s chorus just encapsulates their mastery in putting together belting tracks that instantly make you fantasise about these kinds of occasions.

The EP closes out with ‘FOMO’, the most subdued and reflective moment on the collection of tracks and one that broadens the scope and appeal of their sound. The great thing about Hearts is the way that their tracks can all have their own distinct personalities and things that make them feel special while being tied together by these soaring, anthemic moments and stadium-ready appeal. Once ‘FOMO’ reaches its satisfying climax, packed full of swirling synths and crashing drums, it provides a fitting end to a stellar collection of tracks.

EP2 isn’t the most complicated or over-the-top collection of tracks that you’re ever going to here, but instead it is a representation of something much more real and authentic. It is a collection of brash indie rock anthemic with soaring melodies and bags of heart, a proclamation that guitar music is alive and well, and feels as fresh and fierce as ever.