‘Rabbit Holes’ is a gorgeous sophomore single from Blair West

The track follows her stunning debut single 'All this to Say'.

The track follows her stunning debut single ‘All this to Say’.

Following the breakout success of her debut single ‘All this to Say’, New York singer-songwriter Blair West has continued to establish herself as a special talent with the release of its follow up, the enchanting love song ‘Rabbit Holes’.

The track has a stripped-back, acoustic feel to it that really plays to the artist’s strengths, namely her effortlessly composed, gorgeous vocals. Lyrically, the track looks to uncover the beauty and intricacies of relationships, gently steering through a narrative of twists and turns, and the complexities and ‘Rabbit Holes’ that make relationships special. All in all, the track is a triumph from an artist who already seems to have mastered her form, having now crafted two sonic worlds in which audiences can lose themselves in their carefree and captivating nature. A stellar sophomore release from someone that fans of pop in any form should be keen to keep a close eye on.