‘i don’t mind’ is a haunting look back on a manipulative relationship from BLOCKED

The track is from the artist's excellent new EP no worries.

The track is from the artist’s excellent new EP no worries.

Thanks to her immersive self-produced and written sound, Melbourne based Singaporean artist BLOCKED has done a great job of carving out a name for themselves as a thoughtful artist who’s emo-tinged brand of bedroom pop is packed full of charm and appeal.

The artist’s latest EP no worries¬†is one that is packed full of highlights and charm, and one of these comes in the form of its opening track ‘i don’t mind’, a low-key and melancholy affair that explores a manipulative relationship. The haunting backing vocals and harrowing synths create a really atmospheric, ambient feel throughout the track that lingers with you for long after your listen, leaving a lasting, powerful impression and setting an unsettling tone for the remainder of the EP.