Gunning For Allie’s soaring synthy sound shines on new single ‘Alive’

The track is from the duo's upcoming new EP Sleeping Alone. 

The track is from the duo’s upcoming new EP Sleeping Alone.

On the irresistibly synthy and fun new single ‘Alive’, pop-rock duo Gunning For Allie continue to highlight why the pair have been so celebrated and lauded over the last few years, boasting stadium-sized melodies that linger with you for long after your listen.

The new single is the third single from their forthcoming EP Sleeping Alone, and is packed full of energetic charm and driving rhythms throughout. As on their previous two releases, ‘Alive’ continues to reference the passing of lead singer Josh Mulharan’s best friend Courtney, providing a sense of gravity and poignancy to a sound that feels euphoric in nature, adding a really multi-faceted and engrossing appeal to an already stellar, nostalgic sound. The pair created the track with the challenge of only using Logic presets for synths, but their charismatic charm and larger than life sound and sense of personality proved too much of a match for the restrictions and has them feeling as triumphant and soaring as ever.