‘Signs’ is a thoughtful new release from prolific and introspective indie pop talent boywithahalo

The track is from the artist's upcoming project innerspace.

The track is from the artist’s upcoming project innerspace.

boywithahalo is an artist that can only be described as being prolific, releasing swathes of engaging indie pop tracks since his emergence back in 2020, and establishing and developing a sound that feels truly his own. The artist is currently releasing singles for their upcoming project innerspace, and the Asian-American’s self-produced sound feels at its best on the new release ‘Signs’.

There is always a very personal and emotive feel to boywithahalo and his sound, and this release is no exception. With thoughtful instrumentation and lyrics surrounding themes like mental health, adolescence, and navigating life in general permeating the artist’s work, there is a real sense of vulnerability and gravity to the unique sound. Musically, the sound traverses genres like dream-pop, R&B and rock, providing a really unique and engaging backdrop for the the artist’s introspective self-reflection.