‘Fixed Heart’ continues to establish Ratchet’s unsettling and unique sound

The track follows the release of 'Will I Ever Be With You' earlier in the year.

The track follows the release of ‘Will I Ever Be With You’ earlier in the year.

19-year-old independent indie artist Ratchet¬†has developed a sound that feels distinctly his own, and since the release of his 2020 EP Silent’s Untold Story, has continued to release new tracks that showcase the dark aesthetic and immersive soundscapes that he is growing known for.

His latest addition to his catalogue is ‘Fixed Heart’, a restless and fidgety new release from the artist, unsettling in its unconventional arrangement and anxious lyrics and vocals. The artist has a sound that feels without parallel, shifty and unpredictably, but with an almost alluring, catchy spine that prevents it from leaving its audience behind in its absurdity. For all of the weirdness of Ratchet’s sound, there is something very human at its core. The artist explores themes such as relationships and emotions in a way that feels vulnerable and candid, and this gives the sound a real sense of life and heart.