‘Psycho Bitch’ is the razor sharp new release from alt-pop upstart Cami Petyn

The spiky new release showcases the uncompromising edge of the exciting artist 

The spiky new release showcases the uncompromising edge of the exciting artist

One of the most exciting and dynamic new tracks of the past week is ‘Psycho Bitch’ from Cami Petyn. The track is an storming alt-pop riot, packed with cutting edge and the artist’s unfiltered fierceness.

The LA based artist is at her most uncompromising and unapologetic on the track. Compounded by the resounding and brash bursts of sound, and its spiky punk rock edge, ‘Psycho Bitch’ feels razor sharp and thoroughly memorable and rousing. Cami is done taking shit from anybody and the track leaves that in no uncertain terms whatsoever. This is empowering, acerbic art that serves as a rallying cry for anyone that has been taken advantage of or mistreated.

“When I first moved to LA I had some nasty experiences with entitled men who thought they could take advantage of me. I was young and naïve back then so I never stood up for myself – this song is me imagining what I wish I would have done and what I hope other people do if ever in that position.” Cami says of the track.

“This song to me is all about taking back your power. So, I want my listeners to imagine that they are also singing to people who have screwed them over and feel empowered. I think of this song as a feminist anthem, but, it really applies to ANYBODY that has felt taken advantage of. ANY gender can be a psycho bitch.”