C’est Karma shares the empowering female anthem ‘Girls’

The track was released in celebration of International Women's Day!

The track was released in celebration of International Women’s Day!

Luxembourg-based artist C’est Karma‘ shares her empowering new singe ‘Girls’. Released in celebration of the recent International Women’s Day, the new single is an impressive outing by the 18-year-old, better known as Karma Catena.

Blending indie and pop tones, ‘Girls’ is at once understated and bold. With earmarks reminiscent of Poliça, the track begins with delicately plucked guitar strings, before incorporating pulsing basslines and being dipped in rich synthesised tones.

“We women are often expected to work harder in order to be taken seriously,” shares Catena, whose uniquely inflected vocal makes the track. “When I was growing up I could never imagine a thing like sexism, because I was mainly brought up by my mother who handles everything and in general had a very tolerant environment.

“Other than that, I saw my grandmother who had fled from Portugal in the 70s and brought up five children in a foreign country with an unknown language and culture. Her entire life, she read and by doing so she was able to educate herself. I was deeply impressed by that, because as a child I always took this for granted and never realised the courage, the power and sacrifice that was behind it.”

‘Girls’ is available now.