LVRA finds a new joy in ‘Girl Like Me’

The new single follows 'u should be in love with me' 🥰

The new single follows ‘u should be in love with me’ 🥰

Newcomer LVRA returns with her latest single ‘Girl Like Me’. The track follows the release of her previous outing ‘u should be in love with me’, both of which are taken from her forthcoming EP.

Dreamy and composed, ‘Girl Like Me’ enlists a soft soundscape to craft an atmosphere both cosy and alluring. Underpinned by bubbling beats and gentle keys, LVRA adds bright synth tones to add light to her subtle concoction. With the arrangement delicately woven, the track perfectly showcases LVRA’s own gentle coos as she ruminates on falling in love.

“It’s the first song I’ve written that’s come from pure happiness,” says LVRA of her new single. “I was at a point when I was happier than ever – I was super independent and focusing on my friends, and studying and making music.

“I didn’t think it was possible for me to want something more, because I never felt like anything was missing from my life. Turns out being in love when you’re truly happy feels ways better.”

‘Girl Like Me’ is available now.