‘Dreammaker’ is a compelling and softly stirring track from Charles Moret

The single is the title track from the artist's new long-awaited debut album 

The single is the title track from the artist’s new long-awaited debut album

Since 2020, his synthy and dreamy brand of indie pop has seen Charles Moret rising in prominence and acclaim, building a swell of reverence and support that has finally led up to the release of the artist’s long-awaited debut album Dreammaker, a collection of tracks that has cemented versatile LA singer-songwriter’s place as one of the most promising rising artist’s around.

The title track and opener on the album ‘Dreammaker’ is a track that lures listeners into the artist’s unique sonic world and sets the tone perfectly for such an expansive and compelling collection of tracks. The track has a melodic and engrossing tone to it throughout while showcasing the artist’s deeply introspective and dreamy songwriting, creating the atmospheric feel and captivating aura that swarms around everything that the artist puts his name to. The artist’s tracks all feel like their own self-contained, detailed worlds that possess the ability to compel, excite, and grip the attention of listeners throughout, and the opening tracks unique blend of synths, strings and harmonies is an ideal pathway to everything else the artist has in store on the album.