‘James’ is an engrossing and raw single from lauded singer-songwriter Danny Webster

The track is from the rousing Canadian artist's fourth album Two Worlds

The track is from the rousing Canadian artist’s fourth album Two Worlds

Making a name for himself in the Toronto indie scene thanks to the affable nature of his sound and his immersive, nuanced soundscapes, Danny Webster is an artist who’s DIY approach and raw, earnest charm has resonated with many. The only thing that seems to compare to his raw appeal is the artist’s relentless work ethic, with his new album Two Worlds already his fourth full-length release at the age of just 24, and the latest showcase of the artist’s enduring appeal.

A highlight of the album is ‘James’, a track that comes towards the tail-end of the album, and stands out amidst a sea of tracks that explore themes of loss, love, anxiety, and ultimately, perspective. The track’s irresistible melodies and the cute little sonic nuances littered throughout make for a compelling listening experience, and the nostalgic and searching tone of the lyrics is amplified by his raw and earnest style. Danny wrote, produced, and recorded every sound that you hear on the album himself, and that goes a long way to giving intimate and thoughtful tracks such as these an engrossing and powerful allure through his distinctive appeal.