‘We’re Going Backwards’ is the thoughtful new release from UK indie upstarts Chasers

The track follows the outfit's promising debut release 'No Other Way'. 

The track follows the outfit’s promising debut release ‘No Other Way’.

Midlands outfit Chasers are rapidly gaining attention for their thoughtful and calculated brand of laid-back, guitar driven indie rock. Their debut release ‘No Other Way’ did a great job of establishing this sound, in a dreamy and often hook-driven manner not similar to local contemporaries Riscas.

Latest release ‘We’re Going Backwards’ continues to demonstrate the potential that the outfit possess, weaving a deliberated paced tale of life in lockdown and among uncertainty. The track continues to demonstrate the capabilities of a young outfit who are still finding their feet and sound, but have a keen eye for a hook and surely have bigger things yet to come.

“I wanted to channel all this negativity and anxiety I was experiencing at the time and turn it into somewhat of a positive, which I feel as though I’ve achieved with We’re Going Backwards.” James Oliver of Chasers has said. “The song is a reminder of how far we’ve come since then and whilst we might not yet be fully healed, you feel as though there is more of a unity and togetherness with people”.