‘Narcissist’ is a self-reflective and expansive new release from Cheska Moore

The track is from the artist's captivating new release Self Loathing Narcissist

The track is from the artist’s captivating new release Self Loathing Narcissist

With a dark-pop sound and aesthetic that feels as daring and creative as it does effortlessly cool, fiercely exciting UK artist Cheska Moore has been one of our most hotly-tipped artist’s of recent times thanks to her stellar run of singles, and her most recent might just be one of her most enticing to date.

The artist’s new single ‘Narcissist’ is one that encapsulates the artist’s alluring appeal. A delightfully dark soundscape that is packed full of engrossing melodies meets a conflicted narrative surrounding narcissists, toxic relationships and self-discovery. Multi-faceted, instantly iconic, and laced full of seductive flair and appeal, the track cements the artist’s legacy of one of modern alternative pop’s unsung heroes.