EP Review: Cosmic Ninja – Filth

The rising Bristol band look to spark a revolution on their creative and impactful sophomore EP

The rising Bristol band look to spark a revolution on their creative and impactful sophomore EP

Combining relentless energy with a positive, infectious ethos and a fierce anti-establishment message has seen Cosmic Ninja emerge as one of the most distinctive and engrossing bands skirting across the underbelly of the UK music scene, with their intense and colourful sound evoking the spirit of similarly unique and creative bands like Enter Shikari, Hadouken!, and The Prodigy.

Their sophomore EP Filth sees the band continue to expand on their chaotic and vital appeal, with their track’s feeling like beacons of positivity and hope for a disenfranchised generation that is staring down an increasingly harrowing future. Opening track ‘Manic Insanity’ does the perfect job of establishing the tone of the EP, with gorgeously melodic choruses juxtaposing frenetically rapped verses that feel almost like calls to arms to their listeners. The thing that is immediately apparent through their sound and style is how special and exciting every facet feels, both musically and lyrically.

Lead single ‘Stone Cold’ follows, a track that pushes the boundaries of an already explosive and unpredictable sound and takes it to its very limit. A thoughtful narrative about battling personal demons and refusing to succumb to temptation is juxtaposed by a euphoric and inviting sound, complete with infectious grooves, lush synths before giving way to a seismic breakdown that sees everything come crashing back to earth.

‘Cardiac Unrest’ follows, giving us Prodigy-like synths and acerbic and barbed lyrics that continue to galvanise. The riffs here feel effortlessly engrossing and hooky, and the track continues to do an immaculate job of crossing the hard-hitting with the endlessly melodic. This EP feels like the perfect showcase of what Cosmic Ninja and their sound are throughout, and this track encapsulates the extremes of it and everything that the band are capable of.

As we pass the halfway point, ‘Come Up For Air’ goes for a more soaring and guitar-heavy approach, and while their eclectic electronic touches still bleed through, this track provides a moment of respite for some of the more energetic and chaotic moments that have preceded it so far. A fun and rewarding little electronic breakdown towards the end is packed full of fun appeal.

Next is the title track ‘Filth’, another rap-heavy track that echoes Rage Against The Machine with its almost militant refrain of “Seize the power”. The track feels like something that would be played in an uprising, where the people of the UK looked to overthrow our tyrannical government in the form of a revolution, an powerful and impactful new track that has you amped to fight for what you believe in by the end.

The band take an aim at conspiracy theorists and misinformation on EP closer ‘Echo Chamber’, another impossibly catchy and captivating addition to the collection of tracks that tackles a growing problem in modern society head on. The riffs here feel as crunchy and dynamic as ever, the melodies feel made to stick to you for long after your listen, and the rapping has that visceral, powerful edge that grips you and has you hanging on every word.

On the whole, Filth is an excellent EP that does a great job of highlighting exactly what Cosmic Ninja are great at and why those that know herald them as such a distinctive and unique prospect in modern music. Their politically charged sound encompasses themes like politics, injustice, and equality and mental health, and their genre-crossing, ambitious sound makes it feel even more impactful and powerful than their relatable messages already are. The EP showcases a band in their prime who have a lasting message and emphatic way of delivering it.