‘I Eat Boys’ is the gloriously multi-faceted new single from chloe moriondo

The track is pulled from the artist's upcoming sophomore album Blood Bunny.

The track is pulled from the artist’s upcoming sophomore album Blood Bunny.

‘I Eat Boys’ is about as unique and idiosyncratic as anything that you are likely to listen to any time soon. At first glance the track is an alluring, even endearing piece of laid-back, alternative pop that highlights the soft lushness of chloe moriondo’s vocal talents. The track however, is brutally offset by it’s harrowing lyrics and delightfully campy Jennifer’s Body inspired video.

While appearing angelic, the track juxtaposes this innocence and vulnerability within its sound by being about nonchalantly killing men without any real fuss, as penance for the despicable ways that men can often act in society. The track, as a result, has a fun and shocking edge that continues to cement chloe moriondo as a uniquely talented and forward-thinking artist, who even just at 18-years-old, knows exactly how to work her sound and subvert expectations to create something truly fresh and surprising.

I wrote that song as a way to vent my hatred for the percentage of the male population that is terrible”, Moriondo notes.  She adds: “I’m incredibly stoked for I Eat Boys to be out and for people to finally get as officially excited as I am for Blood Bunny. I hope the rock chicks and lesbians will love them!!!!!”