‘nice pup’ is the latest dog-themed single from chloe moriondo

The track is from the artist's acclaimed new EP puppy luv.

The track is from the artist’s acclaimed new EP puppy luv.

Showcasing a more carefree and fun side to her sound lately, chloe moriondo has just released their latest EP puppy luv, a collection of pup-themed tracks that she has heartwarmingly dedicated to their own Sammy.

The latest release from the collection is the slightly darker ‘nice pup’. The affecting new track takes an almost desperate stance on trying to rescue a relationship, likening the dynamic to that of a dog longing for attention and affection from its owner. ‘nice pup’ continues to showcase the deftness and the relatably earnest manner in which chloe tells her stories and brings them to life with her imagery and emotive vocals. Even the most light-hearted of concepts, such as a canine-themed EP, have the capability to spawn heart-wrenching tales of longing and emotion when in chloe’s hands. Don’t be too sad though, there are lots of cute dogs in the video.