‘Girlfriend’ is an empowering new country pop anthem from Chloe Styler

The track is the exciting artist's first single of 2022.

The track is the exciting artist’s first single of 2022.

On her new single ‘Girlfriend’, Australian upstart Chloe Styler continues to establish her wholesome brand of pop country, with an emphasis on her engaging storytelling and personable lyrics.

The track continues to expand the sonic soundscape of the artist and her endearing sound, washed in engaging synths and the artist’s sweet but commanding vocal delivery. The hook-filled melodies and the artist’s vulnerable and candid lyrics about the struggles of modern dating and relationships make for a package that feels both irresistibly catchy and fun while packing a real relatable edge.

“Dating in 2020 was already hard enough before adding in the fact that the guys I found myself talking to were either emotionally unavailable, great at ghosting, or prone to playing mind games.” Chloe says of the track. “I quickly realised I’m more of a ‘Girlfriend’, and that I didn’t want to waste my time with guys who only wanted a casual fling. The catch is though; you have to date to become a girlfriend!”