”Til I Die’ is a vulnerable and personal new release from Kings Elliot

The track is the consistent artist's first release since 2021 EP Chaos In My Court.

The track is the consistent artist’s first release since 2021 EP Chaos In My Court.

Kings Elliot is an artist who has long been a CLOUT favourite at this point thanks to her earnest and passionate approach to her sound and songwriting, from the emotional heartbreak of ‘Dancing Alone’ to the wistful allure of ‘Call Me A Dreamer’, the artist has done a riveting job of establishing her unique charisma and her impactful, melodic sound.

The latest addition to the list is ”Til I Die’, an open letter to the artist’s fluctuating mental health and the toll that it can often have on herself and the people around her. The track is hard hitting at times, the artist baring her soul and showcasing a rawness and a vulnerability that feels almost heartbreaking. The candid nature of the track and the depths that the artist is willing to explore her psyche and leave herself exposed makes for a really emotional rousing journey. Musically, as usual, the track has all of the theatrical swagger that you expect from Kings Elliot, making for a sound that feels grand and all-encompassing, adding to the gravity and intensity of a song already steeped in darkness and inevitability. Effortlessly moving, endlessly enticing and harrowing work from an artist to continues to beguile us with each release.

The artist describes  her mental health as “the side of myself that I find so hard to live with,” she explains. “It’s my most personal song yet… It sounds like I’m singing to a toxic lover, but it’s really about the toxic relationship I have with myself.”