Roisin O’Hagan continues to establish her unique country sound on ‘Road From Nevada’

The track follows the release of the engaging 'Sunset Valley'.

The track follows the release of the engaging ‘Sunset Valley’.

UK artist Roisin O’Hagan is an artist who possesses a spellbinding americana-tinged country rock sound that pays homage to her stateside heroes while giving the genre her own distinctively British twist.

Her latest single ‘Road From Nevada’ was written about the fire inside of the artist as she finds herself and seeks to find inspiration and the things that are going to shape her into the person that she will become. The track has that really rousing, authentic quality that country tracks tend to have, it is obvious from the offset that this is a passion project for Roisin, and that her veins are deeply entrenched in this sound and the lyrics that she writes. There is a lust for life and a clamour for inspiration and experiences that bursts out of the track and the artist’s optimistic sound, and it makes for a listening experience that feels infectious, dragging you out on the road with Roisin and sharing these journeys and adventures with her.