‘Missing You’ sees Cinema Heaven left longing for love

It's taken from their new EP of the same name

It’s taken from their new EP of the same name.

Tokyo duo Cinema Heaven share the dreamy synth pop of new single ‘Missing You’. The track is taken from their new EP of the same name.

An international project by two Japan residing ex-pats, Cinema Heaven is made up of German native Flo Hintze and Australian Josh Lacoste, who found himself holed up on the Sunshine Coast of his homeland during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Written entirely on laptops via Zoom calls, ‘Missing You’ catches a whimsical sound and lush synth tones to create the audible essence of a romantic daydream. Not content with their own distance, the track features New York-based vocalist Heather Sommer in the reigns of weaving its tale.

“Separation has been a big theme this year, both in the minds of the public and in our personal lives,” share the duo. “Relationship breakups, social distancing, aeroplanes stopping… those feelings have all been incorporated while creating the sound for this song.”

‘Missing You’ and the EP of the same name are both available now.