Jaws The Shark shares the raucous energy of ‘Still Young’

The track follows 2020's earlier singles 'Andy Gray' and 'Mission Impossible'

The track follows 2020’s earlier singles ‘Andy Gray’ and ‘Mission Impossible’

Jaws The Shark returns with the raucous new single ‘Still Young’. It’s the London artist’s third single of the year following ‘Andy Gray’ and ‘Mission Impossible’.

The project of man-behind-the-moniker Olly Bailey, ‘Still Young’ is a bold and catchy introduction to his sound. Led by layer upon layer of fuzzy guitar and fun riffs, the track struts forth with the sturdy stomp of chunky drum beats. Energetic and hook-laden, it will no doubt be a killer outing in a live setting (rip).

“‘Still Young’ took me a while to get it to where it is now musically,” shares Bailey of the track. “I originally wrote it on an acoustic and it was much slower and more chilled. It actually sounded more like ‘Beetlebum’ by Blur!

“The more I played it, the faster the song got and then as soon as I played it through an electric guitar, that was it, I knew I wanted to make it a disgusting, thrashy version of it’s former self. To me it sounds like chaos, but in an organised and beautiful way”.

‘Still Young’ is available now.