‘Start It Over’ is a relatable and dynamic new pop punk single from Crown the King

The track follows the release of 'Cut My Losses' from late last year

The track follows the release of ‘Cut My Losses’ from late last year

Anthemic, earnest and unapologetically Irish, Dublin pop punk outfit Crown the King are a band who have been winning over admirers thanks to their dynamic and melodic sound that takes the charm and appeal of 2000s pop punk and drags it to the current day with their modern production and expansive flair.

The latest single from the band is ‘Start It Over’, a paranoid and reflective track that explores a relationship that has suspicion creeping into it and making you contemplate whether it is even worth holding onto it. The anthemic and powerful feel of the band’s sound and the impassioned vocal delivery make for a truly memorable and engrossing listening experience that avoids some of the whiny and repetitive cliches that the genre can often struggle with, continuing to highlight the band’s innate charm and their potency at crafting upbeat bangers for pop punk fans old and new.