‘On My Own’ is a liberating and engrossing new release from Alexa Perez

The track is from the rising artist's highly-anticipated brand new EP Dear Future Me

The track is from the rising artist’s highly-anticipated brand new EP Dear Future Me

With the release of her brand new EP Dear Future Me, Alexa Perez has put together and thoughtful and immersive collection of tracks that document the evolution and transformation that the artist has undergone over the last four years, growing into a powerful and enchanting indie pop sound that feels as catchy and personality-filled as it does emotional, and signalling her vast potential as a rising talent.

A highlight of the EP is ‘On My Own’ a track that the artist herself describes as her favourite from the collection. The track encapsulates the whole theme and appeal of the EP and the artist’s sound as a whole, packed full of heart and emotion while having a real sense of steel and resolve to go with the catharsis. The hypnotic nature of the artist’s vocals and her thoughtful lyrics and nuance go a long way on the track, bringing an EP that sees the artist pining for escapism and a sense of purpose full circle in rousing and memorable fashion.