‘So Loud for a Leaf’ is a jangly and intoxicating new single from dwn bad

The track follows the artist's similarly engrossing debut single 'Palace of You'

The track follows the artist’s similarly engrossing debut single ‘Palace of You’

On the expansive and instantly engrossing sophomore single ‘So Loud for a Leaf’, Derek Silva’s emerging new project dwn bad continues to shine a light on the artist’s immersive knack for crafting engaging melodies and thoughtful narratives, following on from the artist’s encouraging debut single ‘Palace of You’, released earlier in the year.

The track melds jangly guitars with punchy beats in order to create a style that feels both nuanced but with a driving, dynamic edge, accompanying a narrative that explores a confession of love, and all of the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with putting yourself out there and laying it all on the line. The feelings of longing and hope feel universal and relatable, and the overarching narrative of long distance relationships and finding the courage to trust and put faith in people in trying circumstances will resonate deeply with some listeners. The artist’s genre-crossing and charismatic appeal provides a stunning track that is packed full of appeal and depth, and one that continues to raise expectations for dwn bad.