‘Wish You’d Never Told Me’ is a colourful showcase of Dan Fraser’s 80s tinged synthpop sound

The track is the fourth single from Dan's forthcoming EP

The track is the fourth single from Dan’s forthcoming EP

Dan Fraser is an artist that seems to be growing and evolving constantly. Originally penning ballads on his acoustic guitar, the artist has since found a more natural home accosted by electronic soundscapes, and ‘Wish You’d Never Told Me’ is a glistening example of this.

The track tells the heartfelt and often heartbreaking tale of a man who realises his sexuality when he falls in love with another man. Dan’s catchy 80s sensibilities and thoughtful songwriting make for an intoxicating cocktail of immersion and genuine investment in the artist and the story he is telling.

The track is fun, it is catchy, and it is poignant. Fans of artists like Troye Sivan and LANY, or even just electronic or indie pop in general will find a great deal to enjoy here.