‘Home’ is an rousing new indie rock anthem from Danny Mellin

The track is the artist's first release since the success of his 2021 EP Streets of Nowhere.

The track is the artist’s first release since the success of his 2021 EP Streets of Nowhere.

Boasting a timeless UK indie rock sound and personable singer-songwriter appeal, Danny Mellin has gradually been establishing himself as a staple of the regions music scene, popping up at festivals and even selling out his latest Oxford headline show.

The latest addition to the artist’s arsenal is his anthemic new single ‘Home’, a track about the disconnect that you feel when going back to your roots and the way that everything seems to shift and stay the same simultaneously. The potential for cathartic, singalong moments feels huge with this track, with the artist’s innate knack for pouring emotion into his words and even his instrumentals on full display. ‘Home’ is a triumph of a track that continues to shine a light on the charisma and driving power of Danny Mellin and his rousing sound. The artist continues to build up hype and acclaim with each coming release, and 2023 looks set to see the artist ascend to new heights as he embarks on his debut headline tour.

On the single, Danny said “it’s a song all about feeling disconnected when you return to your hometown. Everything feels so familiar, yet you’ve grown up and friendships have moved on too. That’s what the narrative of the song delves into really, focusing in on a friendship I had when I was sixteen that fell apart. Looking back with bittersweet nostalgia on those early teenage years, and how those memories still linger”.