‘Unconditional’ is a stirring piece of instrumental bliss from Deep Dive Species

The track follows the releases of 'Salt and Water' and 'Adventus' from earlier this year

The track follows the releases of ‘Salt and Water’ and ‘Adventus’ from earlier this year

On their stirring and cinematic new single ‘Unconditional’, Vadim Militsin and Sergey Popovich of Deep Dive Species do an immaculate and powerful job of transporting you to a more tranquil and calming world, blessed with a sound and style that has a sense of tenderness and charm that is as disarming as it is captivating.

The track is described by the duo as “Not a love song, but a musical postcard”, and this sense of poignance and heart is effortlessly conveyed through the flowing nature of the sound and the little sonic quirks that make it feel three dimensional and multi-faceted. The sound has a bit of a melancholy core to it beneath the surface, and elusive glimpses of sadness that might just catch you off guard, but on the whole it is a thoroughly enjoyable few moments of serenity that strike you in the most atmospheric and blissful of ways.