East Point continue to establish their thoughtful indie rock sound on ‘Banyan Tree’

The track is the third single from the emerging duo.

The track is the third single from the emerging duo.

On their third single ‘Banyan Tree’, Australian duo East Point continue to establish the thoughtful and hard-hitting nature of their unique sonic landscape, this time taking issue with the direction that the world seems to be heading in, in particular what we’re fed from the media and the way that they can tend to obscure what is really happening.

The increasingly frenetic and distressed nature of the track articulates the way that these feelings can manifest expertly, as things can pile up and begin to feel overwhelming and horrifying to an extent. ‘Banyan Tree’ has an uncompromisingly rhythmic nature that feels effortlessly engaging and fun, before giving way to the desperation and brutal honesty that envelops the track and swallows it up. All in all, this makes for a deeply interesting listening experience that holds up an uncomfortable mirror to the state of society and everything going on in the world right now. Thought-provoking, exciting art from an outfit that look like a really engaging prospect.

“’Banyan Tree’ is a product of relentless bombardment from world news and events; and pays homage to our society’s attempt to sweep important issues under a rug of obliviousness.” explains lyricist and singer Ward Hancock.

“I was trying hard to keep up with international issues at the time but it took its toll. Civil unrest, injustice against protesters and journalists. Not to mention climate change and issues closer to home like Indigenous deaths in custody. It’s a scream into my pillow moment.”