‘Do Not Disturb’ is an empowering new statement from Kelsey Kindall

The track is the most realised showcase of the artist's potential to date.

The track is the most realised showcase of the artist’s potential to date.

Kelsey Kindall is an artist who has built a reputation for a uniquely creative and engaging sound that has basslines that hit as hard as her cutting lyrics and themes.

The artist’s latest single is ‘Do Not Disturb’, an impossibly slick and cool track that encapsulates everything that makes the artist and her sound feel fresh and exciting. From its absolutely gorgeous electronic production to the cold sense of composure of Kelsey’s powerful vocals, everything here feels razor sharp and expertly poised. The empowering track deals with having to reclaim your power after having someone steal it from you, and the sheer level of monstrous power and authority that bleeds from the vocals and the sound perfectly articulates this feeling. This is a statement from Kelsey Kindall, both as an artist and as a woman, and a defiant message to show exactly what she can be capable of.