‘Hardly Think of You at All’ is a fun and subversive new single from Luke Fraser

The track continues to showcase the artist's winning sound. 

The track continues to showcase the artist’s winning sound.

With his powerful, timeless sound and vocal style, Luke Fraser is really beginning to establish himself as a talent worth paying attention to over his first four releases. Everything from his uniquely poised vocal style to his familiar, yet modern approach to writing songs has made his tracks fizz with a real sense of excitement and life.

The latest of which is his new single ‘Hardly Think of You At All’, a whimsical, 60s-inspired track that may not quite be all that it seems. While the style and grandeur of the sound tend to lend themselves to ideas of lost love and pining, the track serves more a sarcastic subversion on the trope, just checking in to let you know that you don’t really really think of them. The guile and charm of the track feels so natural and beguiling that it’s hard not to find yourself swept up in its petty narrative. Another encouraging sign from a really interesting emerging artist.