EEVA recalls lost time in ‘Out of You’

It's her first solo outing of 2020

It’s her first solo outing of 2020

Swedish pop sensation EEVA shares the self-assured sound of new single ‘Out of You’. It is her first solo outing of 2020 following collaborations with the likes of Johnning and OLWIK, and Yaro and Trilane.

Building on from the brightly quirky sound of last year’s outing ‘Jimmy From The Gym’, ‘Out of You’ channels a sleeker and more mature sound that would not be out of place sitting at the top of the charts. Understated beats and warm synths swell and bounce for a playful atmosphere, as EEVA herself muses on those times where you should probably take the same advice as you would dish out to others.

“I started talking to Marcus (one of the brilliant co-writers on this track) about all the times you’ve talked you’re friends out of bad relationships but when you were in one yourself you wished someone could have talked you out of it,” EEVA explains. “So I was going in a direction of ‘someone should have talked me out of you’ and he turned it around to ‘I should have talked me out of you’ – since that’s what you’ve literally been doing for your friends, so why not yourself? I was like… fuck yes”.

‘Out of You’ is available now via The Other Songs.