‘Renege’ is the irresistibly soulful new single from Kenny Sharp

The track is a wonderful showcase of Kenny's immense talents.

The track is a wonderful showcase of Kenny’s immense talents.

Every now and then you will come across a track that blows you away with the sheer power and soulful artistry that it possesses. ‘Renege’, the latest single from Kenny Sharp¬†is a masterful example of deep, rich, substance-packed storytelling.

There really isn’t much that can be said about the track to do it justice, there is a real bluesy, soulful edge to the acoustic and highly metaphorical track that really does captivate and yearn to be heard. ‘Renege’ is stripped-back, classic storytelling at its very best, there are no gimmicks, no bells and whistles, just Kenny Sharp, his guitar, and his impeccable way around melodies and words.