‘Build A Man’ is an emotional and empowering new release from Elisha

The track is the emerging Canadian artist's first release of 2022.

The track is the emerging Canadian artist’s first release of 2022.

Toronto independent artist Elisha has been establishing herself as an artist with a lush R&B sound and a penchant for crafting engaging and memorable songs since her emergence in 2021, and her emotional latest single ‘Build A Man’ continues to showcase the deft, thoughtful nature of her sound.

The track has a really personal and relatable nature to it, as the artist expresses her feelings of failed love and the realisation of what she deserves. There is an quietly empowering vibe that builds throughout, with Elisha’s soft but powerful vocals creating a gorgeous centerpiece for the track and guiding things seamlessly. ‘Build A Man’ is an anthem for anybody who has been treated wrong and has decided to take a stand and find better, set to a rousing R&B backdrop that drips with contemporary appeal.