‘If I Ever Find Home’ is a beautifully poised new track from the fast-rising Etaoin

The track closes out her excellent EP I Hate Everyone (but I don't mind you)

The track closes out her excellent EP I Hate Everyone (but I don’t mind you)

Etaoin has been on something of a rapid ascent since her 2021 emergence, earning a plethora of streams and fans with her gorgeous, folk-tinged indie pop sound and candid, vulnerable storytelling. Her latest EP I Hate Everyone (but I don’t mind you) has only continued to assert that the artist is a special talent, and is packed full of tracks that are filled with heart and emotional resonance.

One of these tracks is the artist’s new single ‘If I Ever Find Home’, a gorgeously poised track about heartbreak and wondering if things are going to change and get easier. There is a really endearing sense of vulnerability that characterises the track, giving it a real delicate, human quality. When coupled with the engrossing songwriting and softness of the sound, ‘If I Ever Find Home’ becomes a really special track that comes together beautifully, and showcases the profound talent of an artist who just seems to keep rising in acclaim.

Speaking of the new single, Etaoin said: “I wrote ‘If I Ever Find Home’ about my first heartbreak. The song is about feeling totally alone and lost. I wrote it at a time when I felt like I had been searching in the dark for months just trying to find my old self again after things ended with the first boy I ever loved. We had been best friends for years, he had told me he had feelings for me but ultimately chose another girl over me. I lost my best friend and the person I cared about so much all in one. School was a total nightmare, I’d see them around making out in the hallway and literally wanted to curl up and disappear.”

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