‘Better Love’ sees Elle Charms examine her toxic relationship

The new outing follows her acclaimed debut 'Lie With Me'.

The new outing follows her acclaimed debut ‘Lie With Me’.

Rising pop artist Elle Charms regains her agency in ‘Better Love’. Following the release of her debut single ‘Lie With Me’, her latest outing is a bold statement that sees the young artist refuse to be undermined by another.

Introduced by sombre keys, Charms’ crystalline vocals cut a clarity through the murky and manipulative relationship she once found herself in. Taking her power back with the punchy synth-pop of her new track, ‘Better Love’ examines the toxic dynamic from a different perspective.

“I wrote this about my ex; he was super toxic and I was hurt,” shares Charms of the time of her life that inspired the track. “He never loved me enough to just let me go, he was selfish and kept me around as he just wanted someone there.

“It took me ages to figure that out and then come to terms with that, so I wrote this song from his perspective, put myself in his shoes and said all the things I had always wanted him to say to me, and gave myself the closure he could never give me.”

‘Better Love’ is available now via 37 Adventures. Elle Charms’ debut EP is set for release in 2020.