New York alt-pop singer-songwriter Emei shows off her huge sound on ‘Late to the Party’

The track follows the artist's debut single 'Distracted'

The track follows the artist’s debut single ‘Distracted’

If debut single ‘Distracted’ was a sign of the potential that Emei and her sound have, then its follow up ‘Late to the Party’ is the track that confirms it. Oozing with an effortless sense of cool and an effortlessly fun sound, the artist’s latest release is the biggest indication yet that huge things could be on the way.

The track details the issues that she has with feeling like the achievements of young artists or people in general are often unnecessarily lauded and compared to what others have (or haven’t) done. This track is sure to put an end to those comparisons though, as the artist truly feels like a fully fledged star in her own right. From her assured vocals, to her cutting and often memorable lyrics, to the engaging backdrop that it is all set to, this is a track that is sure to get stuck in your head, and open up a lot more eyes to the vast talents of Emei.