‘Chronic’ is more raw and emotional realness from singer-songwriter Emily Gray

The track is the Catalonia-based artist's fifth release of 2022.

The track is the Catalonia-based artist’s fifth release of 2022.

Using her platform and her music to make people feel seen and less alone, Catalonia-based English singer-songwriter Emily Gray pours her emotions into her powerful sound, creating tracks that feel both empowering and deeply resonating.

The latest release from the artist is her new single ‘Chronic’, a track that digs into these intense feelings and emotions and turns them into something that feels harrowingly raw and real. From the unpolished intensity of Emily’s vocals to the stripped-back vulnerability of the sound, there is an unerring sense of realness and gravity that permeates the track and never relents throughout. ‘Chronic’  feels effortless in its soul-baring honesty and Emily’s unique charisma. and continues to articulate what makes the artist feel so distinctive and special.