‘Renew Me’ is an rousing and cathartic LGBTQIA+ anthem from Emma Bradley

The track is the artist's first release since her 2021 EP Perfumed By You. 

The track is the artist’s first release since her 2021 EP Perfumed By You.

Since her emergence in 2021, London artist Emma Bradley has gained acclaim for her thoughtful and captivating brand of personality-filled indie pop.

The latest release from the artist is ‘Renew Me’, an LGBTQIA+ about not being accepted or even being able to be who you are. The track has a really rousing and inspirational feel to it throughout, with its affable chorus doubling both as a moment of lush melodic bliss, and a rallying cry for people in similar situations to what she has found herself in. Emma is an artist who has a distinctive voice, and a sound that feels entirely her own, and this track showcases an artist that is more than happy to use her platform to provide a safe space for people that can relate to her plight and find solace in her sound.

Recounting her experience of growing up queer and closeted in a girls school where there was a lot of homophobia, Bradley explains, “I wanted to write something really uplifting and fun, a little anthem for anyone who has experienced bullying in any way or had a similar experience to me. It was so liberating and cathartic to write and honestly the most fun I’ve had making a song. Being bullied or hiding who you are is such a universal experience, especially for LGBTQIA+ people; so I wanted to create something positive about it, whilst still being honest about a very real and difficult experience that so many people have to go through.  A lot of the music I make is more serious or sad, whereas I am the least serious person ever. I wanted to make something fun and upbeat, that reflected who I am as a person and to show another side of my songwriting. It’s a song to scream-cry to and jump around and sing along. The words ‘Renew Me’ came so instantly to me; the song is about being who you truly are and forgetting about things and people that have hurt you.”