‘Sorry’ is an immersive and thoughtful breakup anthem from Eraste

The track follows the release of the excellent single 'Tragedy'.

The track follows the release of the excellent single ‘Tragedy’.

Eraste (pronounced air-este), has been winning us over in a big way since her 2020 emergence, boasting a charismatic and personality-filled brand of indie pop that is filled with character and charm. The artist’s ever growing catalogue of tracks and releases hints that she is a really special talent, and her latest single is no exception.

‘Sorry’ is a thoughtful breakup anthem from the artist that is packed full of immersive moments that encapsulate the range of emotions and feelings that you go through in such an experience. The artist’s versatile and ever-engaging vocal style does a great job of articulating this, alongside a soundscape that feels as atmospheric and memorable as it does catchy. Eraste is an artist who has crafted a unique, signature style over the last few years thanks to her vocal style and songwriting, and it just seems to grow more pronounced and captivating with every new release.

While talking about the song she said, “Relationships end for all kinds of reasons and I think the hardest one is when two people grow apart. The thing is- the love is still there, it never goes away. I wrote “Sorry” because I felt so guilty for being the one to choose to end the relationship. I felt like it was my fault that I could never make them happy and that it was MY fault we could never make it work.”