Ziggy D’Amato – Damages

Ziggy D'Amato returns with indie sizzler 'Damages'

Ziggy D’Amato returns with indie sizzler ‘Damages’

A multi-talented artist with layers of potential, Ziggy D’Amato is known for his infectious songwriting and effortless indie soundscapes.

Comparable to the likes of The Strokes and The Killers whilst retaining his own unique stamp with octave vocals running throughout and a fluorescent sense of freshness and energy.

Speaking about the single, Ziggy Shares: “’Damages’ is a melancholy evaluation of my twenties. Trying to make sense of myself and how I spend my time.

Wondering what it all adds up to, and feeling sad, confused and nostalgic. Ultimately culminating in a celebration of being a tiny speck in the infinity of the human condition.

At a loss, gratefully accepting all of the joy and all of the pain.”

Playing all the instruments, self-recording, producing, and mixing, Ziggy is a restless and multi-talented creative with endless musical ideas and a wide range of influences that sees him create expansive, rich and exciting soundscapes.

“Damages” is yours to enjoy at the top of this page.