Fan Girl step up with the frivolous fun of ‘backwards (everything is)’

The track comes with a cool music video too

The track comes with a cool music video too

Melbourne outfit Fan Girl share the upbeat and energetic pop of new single ‘backwards (everything is)’. The track features Sydney-based musician Annie Hamilton.

Dared to write a song with a lighter tone, ‘backwards (everything is)’ is at odds with their often doomy back catalogue. The bright and warm tone to the track persists despite the squirming guitar work, whilst the restless rhythm of the drums packs an irresistible punch. It’s a fun trip all round.

“‘backwards (everything is)’ was the result of a challenge to write what some people might see as a ‘happy’ sounding Fan Girl song, while still being a little wonky, broken and unhinged,” explain the band of the new single.

“The punchy, sunny and erratic colours of the instrumental are contrasted with sleepy and dreamy lyrical imagery, and the lyrics thematically play with the idea of mourning a time, a place, a person, a greasy meal, a restful sleep, a feeling.”

‘backwards (everything is) is available now.