‘Belt’ is an unflinching, emphatic new release from Fat Trout Trailer Park

The track is from the outfit's forthcoming new EP Florida.

The track is from the outfit’s forthcoming new EP Florida.

Brooklyn-based post-punk duo Fat Trout Trailer Park are no strangers to making statements with their emphatic and raw-edged sound, and their latest single ‘Belt’ is no exception.

The rip-roaring new single is a defiant brutalist, anti-capitalist anthem, with huge soaring moments and a cutting edge sense of grit and an engaging, palpable sense of danger. The deadpan nature of the vocals provides a slick juxtaposition to the intensity of the instrumental that drives the track throughout, and gives it a really distinctively raw and garage-y feel. FTTP are an outfit that pull no punches, remain unfiltered, unblemished and unbothered within their sound and lyrics, and the convey their “fuck you” message to corporations and capitalism in a refreshingly nonplussed fashion. ‘Belt’ is the first single to be released from the outfit’s upcoming new EP Florida, and all signs indicate that the release could a defining moment for the outfit.

“Lyrically ‘Belt’ is a critique on capitalist culture ranging from its benefit of political polarization, false meritocracy, nepotism and participation trophy culture.” FTTP say of the track. “Sonically the menacing instrumental backdrop contrasts the deadpan vocal delivery illustrating the duality of inner rage and outward composure required to survive and endure capitalist reign. We wanted to bring out all these elements in the music video. The business man is on the verge of a breakdown, wanting to free themself from the suffocating mundanity of corporate culture by unraveling into a dance of liberation. While the janitors blow off steam after hours at the office, ripping through their routine.”