‘Frisbee’ provides more colourful fun from UK math-pop trio FES

The track is from the outfit's brand new debut album With Regards From Home.

The track is from the outfit’s brand new debut album With Regards From Home.

UK math-pop trio FES are an outfit that have worked their way into our consciousness with their distinctive and fun sound and the infectious energy that it possesses.

Their latest single ‘Frisbee’ bounces with an inescapable sense of energy and unpredictability, taking you on a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging journey packed full of unexpected left-turns and angular riffs. The track continues to showcase what a wonderfully weird and exciting sound that the trio have, and with their debut album With Regards From Home out now, this is the perfect time to find yourself better acquainted with one of the UK’s best kept secrets.

“Originally the album started off as an EP to be released in 2020/21,” explains Pollyanna of the forthcoming record, “but as COVID hit we were forced to put that on hold. With so much time on our hands and gigging life on pause we decided to go BIG for our next release. We wrote new songs and tweaked the ones we had. The main themes of the album consist of dealing with death for the first time, self-reflection and mental health.”