‘(I’m) Better Now’ is a rousing and reflective (and happier) new track from Sianon

The track closes out her stunning EP Now That It's Over

The track closes out her stunning EP Now That It’s Over

Sianon is an artist who’s endearing brand of heartfelt pop has garnered her a loyal following, as she pours out her soul on tracks that bleed with a real sense of authenticity and earnest honesty.

The latest of which is ‘(I’m) Better Now’, the last track on her stellar latest EP Now That It’s Over. The track provides a rousing sense of catharsis, book-ending a body of work that represents a painful breakup, with the artist taking a moment to reflect and affirm that things worked out for the best. As always Sianon’s vocals and the vulnerability of her lyrics really bring the track to life and paint a melancholy picture of the loneliness that she has felt.The EP is often quite sombre and filled with moments of heartbreak and longing, but ‘(I’m) Better Now’ carries a promise of better times to come, and there is a rousing sense of optimism that permeates throughout.

On new single ‘(I’m) Better Now’, the completing track of the EP, Sianon says “I actually wrote better now as a song for me to be able to listen to to help me through the break up. I wanted it to remind me of how bad the relationship had gotten, how alone I was and the lack of comfort and affection I was shown; something I ended up settling for as I would rather ‘cry myself to sleep, with your back to me’ than leave and in my eyes give up on the relationship.”