Alt-pop outfit FYOHNA aren’t interested in your ‘Pity Love’

The new single follows last year's outing 'Let Down'.

The new single follows last year’s outing ‘Let Down’.

FYOHNA return with the understated sound of new single ‘Pity Love’. The track follows last year’s release ‘Lie Down’.

Merging a variety of synth work with shuffling beats, ‘Pity Love’ ebbs and flows with a myriad of buzzing synths and slowly throbbing electronics. Sombre but not sad, the track casts a warm light on the shadow of a flickering love. Let by the composed vocal of Katerina Gleicher, the track is undeniably bittersweet.

“‘Pity Love’ is an attempt to capture the moment you see the light fading in a lover’s eyes. The moment when you dim and feel small because you believe you’re not enough,” explain the band of their new single. “When someone you love is so good at making you feel bad, you learn to love to feel bad.

“‘Pity Love’ is a pat on the back when you need to be held, it’s an under appreciated ‘I love you,’ it’s a standard you’ve been set up to never meet,” they continue. “This song is a reminder that no one is entitled to your love, it is a gift you get to give. There is always a way out. Love is collaboration not self contortion.”

‘Pity Love’ is available now.