‘Summer Coat’ is the captivating cinematic new single from Gatlin

'Summer Coat' is the fourth track leading up to Gatlin's upcoming six-track EP.

‘Winter Coat’ is the fourth track leading up to Gatlin’s upcoming six-track EP.

There is a dreamy kind of cinematic quality about latest Gatlin single ‘Summer Coat’. There is something almost magical about the way that the track builds and builds throughout, both delicate but painstakingly deliberate. ‘Summer Coat’ has a remarkably warm and rousing feel to it, almost like a coat itself, the way that it puts an arm around you and guides you around its three minute duration.

Lyrically the track can be as silly or as serious as you like depending on how deep you want to go and what you want from it. On the surface the track is about a coat that the artist loves and wishes she had a need for when the summer comes around, but this seems to be a statement about the brevity and temporary nature of some of the relationships we find ourselves in, and the way that a change of circumstances can find people without any real need or use for each other anymore. The track is both ethereal and grounded in reality, optimistic yet heartbreaking. ‘Summer Coat’ is a nuanced and intelligent piece of art that that will works its way into your heart as well as your head.